Hi, I'm Jack!

I'm a Front-End Developer and UX/UI Designer graduating from Kennesaw State Univeristy in May 2022. There I learned skills such as Low to High Fidelity Prototyping and User Research. I have a passion for web development and will continue to improve my programming skills over the years. Fun fact, I used Bootstrap 5 to build this portfolio.

I'd love to get in touch with you, feel free to contact me at the following: contact@jackmattrick.com

Completed Projects

Boot Camp in the Park

This is a direct link to a redesign of Boot Camp in the Park, a website detailing personal training owned and operated by Heidi Moris.


A smartwatch application designed to make controlling your car from your watch a simple and seamless process. Includes many features such as remote start/stop, controlling music, controlling car climate settings, lock/unlocking doors, and opening/closing the trunk.


A pet adoption app aimed at making the pet adoption process easier for individuals to adopt animals. Our idea was combining the simplicity of dating app swiping with potential pets.

Ethnography | Old School RuneScape

An applied, virtual ethnographic study on how player versus player combat in Old School RuneScape effects its playerbase.


A Valorant Matchmaking Service aimed at allowing players to build teams outside of Valorant's in-game matchmaking. Putting the users first and allowing them to build their desired team based on agent selection and skill.